About the prorgamme

With the programme 'Images of Aging' the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth has created a platform in order to inspire a broad public debate on the issue. It not only serves to demonstrate the effects of specific images of aging in different areas of life but also to raise all social stakeholders’ awareness of the potentially negative impact of certain images of aging.

Its objective is to heighten the profile of the diverse lifestyles of today’s older generation. This way, perceptions of life in old-age are to be readjusted and older people are to be encouraged to contribute to society with their skills in a self-determined way. Young people especially are to be motivated to reconsider their conception of old-age. Acceptance and openness will only be possible if images of old-age and of ageing are correct. The willingness of old and young people to learn from and with each other will be furthered. The conveyance of realistic images of ageing is a fundamental basis of mutual understanding and thus of social cohesion.

Therefore, the programme 'Images of Aging' underlines the competencies and strengths of older people and develops new visions and values of old age. It will contribute to senior citizens being able to develop their civic engagement unimpeded by outdated ideas. To this end, the programme entitled "Rethinking Age" ("Alter neu denken") contributes with various campaigns and initiatives.