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Visual impressions of the touring exhibition

The touring exhibition "What’s old anyway?" in New York, UN Headquarters (23 – 26 July 2018)

In July, the exhibition was presented during the 9th session of the OEWG-A (United Nations Open-ended Working Group on Ageing). The OEWG-A is a working group of the United Nations that takes place every year with focus on strengthening the rights of older persons and fighting against discrimination because of age.
In cooperation with Ambassador Schulz, Ambassador and OEWG-A-chair Moritán and Prof. Dr. von Schwanenflügel (BMFSFJ), the exhibition was opened by a reception on 23 July 2018 in UN Headquarters. The touring exhibition accompanied the OEWG-A-session until 26 July 2018 and in this way, the participants of the OEWGA – delegations of all UN-member states and NGO’s - were invited to discuss about their ideas of "images of age" outside the working group-sessions.

Roll Ups of the exhibition in a long corridor
Roll Ups of the exhibition in a long corridor
man in the middle of a group of people holding a speach behind a lectern
Picture credit: BMFSFJ

The touring exhibition "What’s old anyway?" in Strasbourg, Council of Europe (21 June 2018)

The exhibition accompagnied the 89th Meeting of the Council of Europe’s Steering Committee for Human Rights (CDDH) in the AGORA building of the Council of Europe. The visitors from all European countries enjoyed the various positive aspects of an active old age today.


Different rollups and brochure stand in the atrium.
Different rollups in the atrium.
Picture credit: BMFSFJ, Barbara Wurster

Touring exhibition

General information about the touring exhibition.

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