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elderly woman with headphones around her neck as a DJ on turntables

Conceived as a part of the Images of Ageing Programme, the touring exhibition “What’s ‘old‘ anyway?“ (original title in German: “Was heißt schon alt?“) was launched by the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth in the quest to help our society embrace a fresh and differentiated image of ageing. This has become necessary because the prevailing images of old age tend to be out of sync with the diverse life plans realised by the older persons of today and the strengths they possess.

Importantly, moreover, images of ageing do not only inform cross-generational interaction in an ageing society, but also our personal expectations of what our own journey into old age may look like. This project invites young and old to revisit their ideas of ageing and old age and to start sharing their thoughts and ideas.